Crossroads Harvest of Quilts Show

2018 Quilt Show Results-Class 400 & 500

Class 400 Mixed Media/Artistic: smaller than a twin that contains mixed media items such as embellishments of any kind, painting, beading, etc.  Hand or machine quilted.

IMG_5214First Place – St. John’s Lutheran Church, made by Janet Brinkhof, quilted by Beth Karnes

IMG_5213Second Place – Melt My Heart, made by Laurie Rist and quilted by Barb Thomann

IMG_5212Third Place – Jim’s Retirement Quilt, made by Crystal Habing, quilted by Karie Wines

Class 500 – Heirloom: Any size, must me at least 40 years old and in condition to hang during the show.  Hand or machine quilted.  

IMG_5215First Place – Ruth, made by Ruth Torbeck, quilted by Ruth Torbeck, Rose Bertram & Esther Torbeck

IMG_5240Second Place – Quilt submitted by Shirley Zimmerman.  Maker and quilter are unknown.

IMG_5216Third Place – Butterflies, made and quilted by Della Wick