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Sampler Block #10 (and a little extra help!)

Before we get to the “extra help” part of this post let’s get to the fun part…

It is time for the next block in our Sampler Quilt! Block #10 Fight

Now this month I only have one new block for you. You see I spent a little time on quilt show prep this past month and didn’t get all my homework done for you, sorry about that!



Now to the Extra Help. I know the sizes of the pieces used in our sampler quilt are sometimes a bit of “challenge” to cut. The sizes need do not come easily to all of us as they do not always appear on our quilting rulers!

This afternoon as I was typing up the info for pattern #10 i remembered that EQ7 can also print templates for the blocks! Why didn’t i think of this before? Well it is probobly because almost no one uses templates anymore for simple shapes like squares and rectangles. Honestly templates didn’t even register until I accidentally hit the wrong button in the EQ7 program and a template sheet popped up on the screen. So please forgive me but as I am sure you all know I am a quilter, not a genious!

A couple of tips for you if you are going to use the templates.

  • If you are going to use a template be sure to double check all your pieces for the block you are working on to make sure they match the sizes on your template sheet. If nothing else rotary cut your piece then check the size by just laying it on top of the same piece on the template sheet. This will help to insure all your pieces will fit together correctly.
  • When printing a PDF template sheet you MUST be sure it prints at Actual Size! to be sure of this here is what you need to do:

– I am going to base this info on you having just opened the PDF file in the web browser and not downloaded it. However the step by step will be pretty much the same even if you have download the file. Also I am using the Google Chrome web browser. If you are using a different web browser things, such as locations of the print icon might be a bit different for you but it should get you by enough to get your templates printed.

#1 – Click on the File you wish to print and let it load up (it should open in a new tab on your web browser)

#2 – Click on the print icon on the upper right of your screen  This will open the print dialog box. in the Google Chrome browser this will open a pop up for you to set up your printing. DO NOT HIT PRINT YET!

#3 On the left side of this pop up you will see a list of settings. Near the bottom but not clear to the bottom you will see a line with a box next to it that says “Fit To Page”. Make sure that there is NO CHECKMARK in this box. i repeat, there should be NO CHECKMARK IN THIS BOX! IF THERE IS A CHECKMARK (or a x) then click on the box to clear the mark. The box MUST BE CLEAR!

#4 Double check that the box is still clear….

#5 Now you can click Print!

I have added a new page to the web blog just for the Sampler Quilt info. That way if you are looking for a particular pattern and/or template sheet you can just click on the tab at the top of the page and got to a list of and and all the files you might be in need of. So look up at the top of the site or just click here: Sampler Quilt

That’s all for now, keep on quilting everyone!