Guild Sampler Quilt, Block #2!

Hello quilters!

Let me again apologize for not attending the April Meeting.

I do hope you all had time to work on the first block of our Guild Sampler Quilt! Are you ready for block #2?! Well here it is!

Guild Sampler Quilt: Block #2 Nine Patch

Block #2JPG

Once again, DO NOT CUT OUT PIECES A & B! These will be used late on to square up your blocks to the correct size so the sizes on the pattern may change. Save these two pieces for later.

I know I had said that I would not be posting any more of the patterns on the web but I have changed my mind! This months block is available NOW because I was not able to attend the meeting to hand the pattern out directly and I wouldn’t want any of us to get behind! (yah, i haven’t finished block #1 myself!) I will post all the patterns online but (starting with block #3) they will be posted one month after they are available at our guild meeting. In other words, block #3 will be available at the May Guild Meeting but will not be posted online until June.

Have fun, and please feel free to email me anytime with any questions!

-Beth K.