April Meeting Fun

We were missing a few guild members during our April 20th guild meeting, they left a bit early to start in on the fun at the AQS Paducah Quilt Show. Those that were in attendance were treated to a wonderfully informative presentation given by Phil Lewis (Teacher, Historian, Lincoln Museum Volunteer, and Friend ) who spoke to us about one of his favorite subjects, The Underground Railroad. He spoke to us about the many people that helped to create and carry out the rescuing of slaves during the time of The Underground Railroad as well as the possibility that quilt blocks were used to help convey hidden messages to the slaves on their journey. He showed us many quilt blocks and the “meanings” they were said to pass along, however we also learned that many of these quilt blocks did not exist until after the end of the Underground Railroad. No mater what your view on the possible use of quilt blocks during the time of The Underground Railroad the information that Phil thoughtfully shared with us is sure to make us all think a bit more the next time we hear the stories of the blocks and their hidden meanings.

Phil L. durring his Underground Railroad Presentation

Phil Lewis, sharing his knowledge on the The Underground Railroad

Geri's underground Railroad quilt

Phil showed us a quilt made by his wife (& Crossroads Quilters Guild Member) Geri depicting just a few of the many blocks that some believe to have hidden meanings.


The Quilt Show committee reminded us that this yeas Challenge quilt should be completed and brought to the August meeting for judging. They are going to ask a couple of local quilters (not associated with the guild) to come in and judge the quilts at the August meeting as well as having the guild members pick their favorite quilt. This ear guild members are challenged to all make the same quilt but in the choice of your own favorite fabrics.

Rita N. talked about the Bed Turning for this years quit show and will have more information on the quilts next month. This years Bed Turning will feature quilts from the Mennonite Community.

Our guild members thoughtfully turned in a total of 38 quilts & cancer caps for or charity drive this month! Thanks so much everyone!

You may notice a lack of photos from our Show & Tell. The photos were not the best so i decided to forgo sharing them this month. We really need to work on a location to use during the meeting were photos can be taken without the worry of people walking in front of the camera or having the tables take up half of the photos and covering up the projects. Please bring your suggestions to our next meeting!

Our next meeting will take place on May 18th  at The First Christian Church 901 N. Henrietta Effingham. With our Social Gathering snacks provided by Leslie S. & Adice F. starting at 6:00pm. The nightly program will be given by Elizabeth K. who will teach us how to square up our half square triangles before you press them open. Hope to see you all there!




Watson guild retreat has been rescheduled!

The yearly Watson Guild Retreat has been rescheduled for Weds. April 15 to Friday April 17! The retreat is open to all official members of The Crossroads Quilters Guild.

Be sure to bring any sewing supplies that you may need as well as any project you would like to work on. Charity / Donation fabrics may be available as well.

The days will start around 9:00am and we sew well into the evening hours but you can come and go as you would like

Check your email for more information and to sign up for food stuffs!

Let all sew together!

March meeting fun!

On March 16th the Crossroads Quilters Guild meet for our monthly meeting at The First Christian Church in Effingham IL.

MaryJo T. & Crystal H. provided some great tasting snacks for our social time, thanks so much ladies!

Our program was given by Patty M., the owner of The Quilt Top Shop (retail stores in both Ramsey & Altamont) on the June Taylor Charming Circles Tool. Patty showed us how to make the Orange Peel (Cathedral Window) Type blocks that once stitched together the quilt was totally finished, no extra quilting needed! The blocks that were demonstrated were made using denim and cotton fabrics but Patty did suggested that a flannel fabric quilt would also be very nice! The Charming Circles Ruler is available at the Quilt Top show for around $16.00 each. Here is the June Taylor YouTube Video showing the ruler:

After the program we were treated to some of the many quilts made by our guild members during Show & Tell time. Here are just a few of the many quilts that were shared with the group!
(just click on the photo to see a larger view!)

During the Business Meeting we seated our new guild Officers (As two officers had stepped down)
Our current 2015 Officers, Chairmen & Committee heads are as follows;
President, Sandy F.
Vice President, Connie T.
Secretary, Robbin W.
Treasurer, Harvy G.
Newsletter, Robbin W.
Program Chairman, Sue W.
Soldier Quilt Committee head, MaryJo T.
Donation / Charity Quilt Tracking, Karie W.
Challenge Quilt Committee head, Crystal H.
Quilt Show Co-Chairmen, Marilyn S. & Elizabeth K.
Guild Website/Bloggers, Robbin W. & Elizabeth K.

Guild members were reminded that yearly membership fees are due, that charge is $20.00 and should be paid to guild treasurer ASAP.

New membership books were passed around and any information for corrections were taken. Please remember our book maker is only human and that means mistakes can happen! Corrected info stickers will be available at our next meeting.

Our Raffle Quilt was on hand to be seen, we have decided to call it Autumn Stepping Stones. Sue and the rest of the Raffle Committee Quilters did a amazing job on the quilt again this year, Thanks so much ladies! Tickets will be available beginning at the Effingham Artisan Fair on May 8th & 9th, or from any Crossroads Quilters Guild Member for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00

2015 Raffle Quilt, Stepping Stones. made by the Raffle Quilt Committee Quilters and machine quilted by Elizabeth Karnes

2015 Raffle Quilt, Stepping Stones. made by the Raffle Quilt Committee Quilters and machine quilted by Elizabeth Karnes

MaryJo T. collected the first batch of 12″ finished blocks that will be made into quilts our guilds Quilts For Soldiers Project. All blocks are to be turned in at the April meeting to be included in the prize drawling so be sure to get your blocks finished up!

The monthly Quilt show meeting was postponed due to scheduling conflicts however a few bits of info was passed along. Rita N. is working on the 2015 Bed Turning and is hoping that it will be featuring quilts from the Amish and Mennonite quilters. Beth K. talked about adding a online entry for for the quilt show as well as a few changes to the categories for this years show.

The yearly Guild Group Retreat at The Watson Methodist Church was postponed due to unexpected issues but we hope that it will be rescheduled soon.

It has been a long cold wet winter but we have all kept busy as 70 completed charity / donation quilts were turned in! 57 quilts for Project Linus, 7 Quilts for Soldiers, 4 Preemie Quilts for Cardinal Glennon , and 2 for a local nursing home. that brings our yearly total to 114 donated charity quilts. Keep up the great work!

Beth K. asked that anyone with information on quilt shops, machine quilters, or hand quilters to please send that info to her so she can see about adding it to the guilds webpage / blog. all info will be checked and the shop owners asked before any information is added.

Sharon S. talked about upcoming Linus Sew Days as well as a fund raising quilt class (featuring the Have A Heart quilt) that will take place on may 1st 7 2nd at The Cross Country Mall, Matton IL. A sign up sheet was passed to see in enough guild members were interested in taking the class, if enough sign up a special class will be offered in Effingham. Please see or contact Sharon S. for more information.

Fabric Printed name tags were offered to guild members, tags will included the guild name, logo block, and members name printed onto fabric for easy finishing. If you would like to have a name tag printed please contact Beth K. as soon as possible. It will be up to you to finish the tag, making it into a pin or a necklace type name tag of your choice. Name tags MUST be worn to meetings or you will be fined a small fee!

Printed name tags will be in a style close to this.

Printed name tags will be in a style close to this.

Our next guild meeting will be on April 20th at The First Christian Church in Effingham. Our Social Time Snacks will be provided by Trudy B., Mary E., and Judy T. Our program will be given by Phil Lewis (a volunteer curator at The Lincoln Museum) and will be on Underground Railroad Quilts. Meetings are open to the public, visitors are allowed to join in two times before being asked to pay the yearly membership fees to continue attending meetings. All quilters age eighteen or older are welcome, so please feel free to join us!

PS: I promise to have better photos next time, I already have my spare camera charged and in my bag ready to go!